Tistuu provides an exclusive, poetic and emotional experience.
It creates a sense of belonging and a certain state of mind. It can magnify a space and
helps you to express your own personal style.

Tistuu is a storytelling label, striving to encourage sensational
experiences, which are passionately inspired by nature.

Handcrafted in The Netherlands, each item breathes an undeniable talent for composing
pieces that are imbued with emotion. No detail or element is overlooked as we offer the
best, exploring the boundaries between Art and Design.

Different forms of artisanal craftmanship drive the manufacturing process of  each
individual series. More than an item, it is a companion on your journey through life.

Each item is carefully handcrafted, signed and individually numbered, guaranteeing that
it is an authentic collector’s item.

Tistuu is part of the Gabrielle M Design Company, a full service cross-disciplinary
architecture and design firm. It offers full architectural, interior- and garden design services,
and prides itself on being able to offer unique and appropriate design solutions.